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  • Abrash Variation in a particular color resulting from the difference in dye lots.
  • Anatolian A name loosely applied to all Turkish rugs.
  • Ara-Khachi Middle or main stripe in the border (see Bala-Khachi)
  • Aubusson A rug hand-woven in France, with a flat weave and pastel colors
  • Baff Knot
  • Bala-Khachi Small border strips on either side of the main border strip (see Ara-Khachi)
  • Behbehlik Saddle bag or saddle cover
  • Berdelik Wall hanging; silk rugs generally fit into this category
  • Bid Manjum Weeping willow design, or a combination of weeping willow, cyprus and poplar trees.
  • Cartoon A piece of graph-like paper on which the rug pattern has been drawn; as a guide in waving the rug, each square represents a single knot, the color of which is keyed to the color of the square.
  • Cartouche A cloudlike enclosure which surrounds a date or an inscription woven into a rug
  • Caucasian Refers to rugs woven in the Caucasus Mountain region. The patterns of these rugs are brightly colored, highly stylized and geometrical.
  • Chuval A large storage bag (see Juval)
  • Dasgah Loom
  • Dozar Refers to carpets 4 by 6 feet in size
  • Enessi Door (tent) drapery
  • Fringe The loose ends of a carpet’s warp threads emerging from the upper and lower ends of the carpet; it may be either or plain.
  • Ghali see Kellei
  • Ghiordes Knot Turkish knot; the knot encircles both warp threads
  • Gul Turkoman tribal emblem, which is unique to each tribe
  • Guli Flower
  • Guli Henna Pattern with small yellow plant shape set in rows with profuse flower forms uniting them in a diamond arrangement.
  • Hammamlik Bath rug
  • Harshang Crab design; pattern with large motifs similar to the Shah Abbas pattern which suggest a crab
  • Hatch Flower
  • Herati Pattern that consists of a rosette surrounded by four leaves or “fish”. The rosette is usually found inside a diamond shape (lozenge), although it need not be.
  • Jufti Knot “false knot”; a modified Turkish or Persian knot, in which the weaver uses four warp threads per knot instead of two.
  • Juval A tent bag (see Chuval)
  • Keleyghi Small (5 by 10 to 6 by 12 feet) kellei used at the top of the Kellei Kenareh arrangement
  • Kellei Large, rectangular (6 by 16 to 8 by 20 feet) carpet used at the center of a traditional Persian room arrangement. (Also called Ghali)
  • Kenareh runners (3 by 16 to 4 by 20 feet) used on either side of the kellei.
  • Kelim a pileless rug created by interweaving colored weft threads through the warp threads; or a finished terminal portion of a carpet falling between the pile and the fringes.
  • Kiaba Refers to a rug approximately 5 1/2 by 9 feet in size.
  • Lechai Corner design in a rug
  • Lechek Torunj Ay design with corner and central medallions.
  • Mafrash Large saddle bag
  • Makatlik Long, narrow rugs; runners
  • Metnih Main ground or field of a rug
  • Mihrab Arch or niche of a prayer rug
  • Mina Khani Design comprised of repeated floral motifs surrounded by four similar smaller flowers joined by vines to form a diamond arrangement.
  • Mir-I-Boteh Design made of multiple rows of repeated boteh (pine cone or pears).
  • Morgi “hen” pattern, an imaginative design resembling a chicken, which was originated by the Afshari tribe.
  • Nagzh Pattern (Persian)
  • Namazlik Namazi; prayer rug
  • Odjaklik Hearth or fire rug
  • Palas a Caucasian kelim
  • Panel Design Design in which the field is divided into rectangular compartments, each of which encloses one or more motifs
  • Patina the sheen acquired by the pile of the rug with age and use
  • Perde refers to a rug approximately 5 by 9 feet in size
  • Persian Knot Senna knot; a strand of wool encircles one warp thread and winds loosely around the other
  • Pile nap of the rug; the clipped ends of the knotted wool
  • Pushti Persian small mat or pillow cover, approximately 2 by 3 feet
  • Saff “family” prayer rug that has multiple mihrabs in a series
  • Savonnerie A rug hand-knotted in France with a thick, heavy pile and pastel colors.
  • Sedjadeh Medium-sized carpet, approximately 7 to 10 feet in length
  • Selvedge The sides of a carpet, which have been overcast with wool or cotton for reinforcement
  • Senna Knot Persian knot; encircles one warp thread and winds loosely around the other
  • Shah Abbas Patron of carpet-making (A.D. 1571-1629); also the pattern with an all-over design with various types of palmettes, cloudbands and vases interconnected by some form of stalk or tendril.
  • SU Lines dividing the border stripes
  • Talim A piece of paper on which the design of a carpet has been written out, knot by knot (Cf. cartoon)
  • Tereh Design (Persian)
  • Tevehr Band of solid color on the outside of a rug
  • Tarbo Storage bag
  • Turbehlik Grave carpet, spread over graves as those in the West spread flowers.


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